Gadou Privacy Policy

Gadou Travel hereinafter referred to as “Spain Gate Travel SL” uses modernized algorithms and SSL security systems for the security of data of its clients. This policy describes how we use, collect and distribute personal data of our clients for the provision of services.


In case, there is any change in these policies, the company notifies through individual emails and notifications alerts.


Information We Collect:


The information we collect from you is solely for the provision of services; membership subscriptions, reservations and travel agency registrations. The data includes

·            Names.

·            IDs.

·            Contact details.

·            Email Addresses.

·            Payment records.

·            Banking Details.

·            Addresses.


Purpose of Use:

The company uses personal information of the clients for


I.         Payment of Provisions; printing of bills, vouchers, shipments and transaction verifications.

II.       Customer Management; complaint handling, communications, and prevention of inappropriate use of the site.

III.      Marketing Purpose; statistical data analysis and presentation, personalized services and promotional deals.


Third-party Data Usage:

The company neither shares nor allows third parties to use personal information of clients until and unless


·        The members have presented with prior consent.

·        In case your data is required by law and enforcement agencies for investigation purposes.


The company holds the authority to share information with third parties only under these two conditions. Yet, the members have complete control over their information. They can withdraw and terminate the use of their personal information through the withdrawal of consent applications.