Who We Are?

Established as a travel and destination management company, Gadou’s vision is to make premium travel experience accessible for everyone. Our company remains entirely focused on providing strategic solutions to all of your travel requirements. Let it be Car Rentals, Hotel or Apartment Bookings, Transportation or Travel Activities, we handle everything for you through our advanced technological procedures. With over 18 years of experience, a team of highly skilled professionals and a network of satisfied clients – Gadou holds a reputable position in the Travel and Hospitality industry.

How Gadou Stands Out?

Client-oriented Business policies:
Gadou believes in the transparency of business. For the very reason, we offer our clients; travel agents and individuals, full control over their bookings. The use of advanced, user-friendly interface further allows you to handle your reservations, vouchers, and invoices quite efficiently.

Attractive Rates with a flexibly of Payment methods:
Gadou offers its clients affordable pricing plans with the lowest rates in the whole of the market. Guaranteed! That too with a variety of payment methods. Credit, Debit or Electronic transactions, you get the compatibility of your choice.

Availability of Pre-check In Services:
Gadou makes its exclusive manual pre-check service available for each one of its clients. Our service team manually pre-checks in all your reservations. Therefore, eliminating any possibility of check-in delays.

Use of Superior Technologies:
Our company offers uniquely designed, sophisticated web platforms for its clients. Gadou’s use of superior technologies; direct API-integrations, exceptional white labels make quick integrations using different platforms a thing of reality. Just a couple of hours and your business gets associated with ours!

24/7 Customer Facilitation:
Gadou offers 24/7 availability of multi-lingual customer support. So, to facilitate our clients in every manner. In addition, we provide our B2B partners with personal account managers. Ultimately making travel and booking related tasks even more straightforward and properly managed under professional supervision.


Why choose us?

Instant Registrations

Instant Registrations, totally free of cost.

Real-time booking and reservations in hotels.

Online availability of the vouchers issued by the hotels.

A unified view of all the deals and availability from globally recognized hotel aggregators.

Innovative tools and accessibility to help you service your customers in a much reliable, faster and efficient way.

Tailored services for every individual..

Sales generating interface. That helps agents sell their products while also perfectly fits customer needs for their dream holiday.

Maintenance of Online Financial records in a secured manner and Downloading of Sales Reports in Excel Format.

Generation and Uploading of all invoices, accounting documents, and credit notes, online.

Travel Destinations.
Hotel Options.
adventurous tours, fun activities, and exciting travel experiences.
transfer/transportation routes.

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